Your clients are important to you as well as us, so we don’t allow anyone you refer to slip through the cracks. Once we set up your free affiliate account, you can send leads securely right through your online, private secured portal. Just fill in the basic client data and you can add “notes" and “ attachments”.  When you add a client/lead to your portal, they’ll show up in our lead inbox with your affiliate contact  information linked to it so we know exactly who sent the new lead and the online system gives you the ability to track all the communication and results from each lead/client.  

Lets just say the customer didn’t sign up for our services when we first reached out to them. Perhaps they couldn’t get started because the cost wasn’t in their budget, or maybe they wanted to shop around and research a few other companies before making a decision. But what if two months later that same customer contacts us and decides that they would like to move forward with using our services, and you’ve lost contact with the client, and don’t know their  back in the market for that (home, car. or personal loan) , once we look them up in our system and switch their status form “lead” to “customer” the system recognizes that the customer is connected to you and you'll receive an email alert that the customer has signed up for our credit repair program. 

This process is to make sure you never lose a customer, even if you haven’t been in contact with them. This is a more effective process than relying on the client to call and risking your commission.