It is a direct violation of the Credit Repair Organizations Act, If an individual from a credit repair company has told you they can remove all of your negative accounts. Unfortunately there are shady people in every industry and being compliant does not mean anything to someone looking to make a quick buck. 



Most times when someone says they can remove every account in less than 60 days they’re using an illegal tactic called “the credit sweep” which can sometimes remove everything quickly, but it could also land you in jail or the very least get you bought up on charges. The sad part is they’ll file identity theft on your behalf  and submit it to the credit bureaus without you knowing. This is q quick fix and it  can be very costly. Usually they charge between $1500 - $3500 for the service and they don’t disclose that there is a great possibility the items can reappear. They make it sound great at first, but good look with a refund. Anytime you take a shortcut there is risk involved. Cutting corners is not worth it. I have had some clients who have come to us after they were a victim of this type of unethical scam and it always ends the same way. Trust me, it’s not worth your time, your money or your freedom.