Yes, you can. However the process is complex and time consuming. To be effective, you need to learn the quite a few credit skills, and are required to wear the hats of an attorney and CPA.  

The question is: How valuable is your time, and do you have the aptitude and inclination to put in the necessary time and effort? 

Our credit dispute professionals are highly experienced and will work day and night to protect your rights in accordance with all applicable consumer protection laws. With the type of volume handled we have the expertise and experience to repair credit faster and more efficiently than most individuals can. But just as you might not choose to repair you own vehicle, it isn't necessary to tackle credit repair alone.

When it comes to credit repair you will encounter many opinions, But be selective about who you accept advice from regarding credit repair. Think about this, If credit repair was easy and all you had to do was send out a few dispute letters, everyone would have good credit.