On average, our clients credit scores increase 129 points in just 57 days, and almost 79% of negative accounts are successfully removed within 6 months after they sign up. We use a wide range of  advanced dispute methods to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Our huge success with getting great results is mainly due to our unique approach. Unlike most companies when we repair credit we work on all five factors that make up your credit score – as opposed to just sending out disputes to the credit agencies, which only addresses payment history, which is just one of the five factors.  

Our credit consultants are trained, experienced and knowledgeable about federal laws like the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Credit and Billing Act which can be used as leverage to remove inaccurate, outdated, unverifiable negative accounts that are harming your credit and hurting your credit scores.

Credit problems can cause stress, so we do our absolute best to provide you the best results and support you with excellent mind blowing client support. Your personal information is protected by the highest possible security encoding, to be certain that your privacy is protected. 

An assigned personal client coordinator will work closely with you to support and guide you, throughout the process.  We’ll also provide you effective, easy to use tactics for maintaining your credit. We believe that everyone deserves another chance and we want to help you get it.