How We Work

Repairing credit isn’t easy, if it was, everybody would have great credit. Credit repair takes time, requires patience, persistence and an understanding of how the law works. That’s where my expertise and experience will best serve you. 


First we recommend that you watch the video to see how we work. The video will answer almost all questions you’ll have and help you get to know who we are, and why people choose us. 

Then you’ll need to schedule your complimentary 15 minute credit transformation session

You’ll need to forward us the  most recent copy of your credit report before your scheduled phone appointment.If you don’t have your credit report, you can order it here.  Forward a copy of your credit report or the login information for your credit monitoring company.

After your consultation, If we mutually decide  we’re a good fit to work together, we’ll move forward.

Now you’ll need to choose which of the four transformation plans is right for you.But we’ll make a professional recommendation based on our assessment of your credit report and determining what your needs and goals are.

Once you enroll online or by phone, within twenty four hours we’ll setup your private secured online client portal, where you can track your progress at any time, upload results you’ll receive from the credit agencies by mail and submit your questions or comments whenever you need to.

Within thirty five days after the day you sign up you’ll receive results from the credit agencies and creditors by mail. You can expect a get monthly update call and report from your assigned coordinator to update you on the progress of your case. 

By your second round, within 60 days you should see a noticeable change in your credit report. All negative accounts that still remain, we follow up and dispute again. Sort of like a game of chess, we determine which dispute method we’ll use based on the responses from the credit reporting agency or creditor and the law that they’re violating, if it applies. 

You should expect between a 4 – 6 month minimum participation to experience the full effectiveness of our Complete Credit Transformation Process. The road to better credit takes time, lots of effort and utilizing the help of someone who is knowledgeable with consumer protection laws like the FCRA but also knowing how and when to dispute. 

Step by step description of how we work
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