To protect you and your investment, you’ll get a one of a kind triple warranty.


If working with us doesn’t benefit your credit rating, we’ll give you a full, hassle-free refund. Period.


Here’s the details on our industry-famed triple-warranty:


If, after 90 days of service...


      1. You have no items removed from your credit report...

      2. Your credit score has not increased...


         We’ll give you a full refund upon request - no questions asked.


And finally, our LIFETIME guarantee:


3. If any of the negative items we successfully dispute and have removed from your credit report show back up at ANY time,


We’ll dispute it again, free of charge, no questions asked.


This guarantee is our motivation to do an extremely thorough job for you. If, because of what we do, your credit rating goes up (and stays up), we know we’ve done our job. If it doesn’t, you pay nothing.